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Director Notes for May 2023

1. One month left but there is still a lot going on in choir! Below are details of each event plus some more information. #4 is a condensed version of the calendar.

2. All-State Music for next year!

The music selections for next year were announced this morning! The All-State audition process is rigorous, but it’s also a great learning experience. I hope that many of our students will participate in these auditions next year. If interested, music packets can be ordered through Type either 2024 Texas All-State Large School Treble or 2024 Texas All-State Large School Tenor Bass in the search box. These should be ready to order soon. They can be mailed directly to your house. However, if you plan to attend an All-State camp at a college this summer, check first to see if the camp will be supplying music as part of their cost.

I hope we’ll have a lot more students partake in the experience of learning this music and competing as I believe we could have many of our students make the Region choir and beyond. Ms Jenny and I will have a mini-clinic on May 31 to introduce the music. AISD is planning a free camp at the beginning of August. There are also many camps offered at colleges throughout the state during the summer. You really could get a huge jump on the music well before the start of school! THIS IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED! Meanwhile, here is a link to a playlist of the selections for the upcoming year. Take a listen.

3. Voice lessons

Interested in starting voice lessons over the summer? Contact me. Our voice faculty is ready.

4. Upcoming dates:

May 7 – Banquet – DoubleTree Arboretum – All choir members and parents who signed up

May 11 – Spring Concert/Senior Celebration – AHS PAC – 7pm – ALL choirs

May 18 or 19 – Choir Uniform turn in – All current students must check in uniform for summer.

May 20 – Anderson Voice Studio Recitals–11 or 1pm–Covenant United Methodist.

– Voice Students

May 20 – Baccalaureate – 3-5pm – Westover Church – Madrigals sing

May 24 – AISD Has Talent Trustee Event – 6pm – AISD PAC – Madrigals sing

May 27 – TSSEC State Solo & Ensemble Contest – Weiss H.S. – individual students

May 31 – 2nd Annual Anderson All-State Mini-Clinic – 11am-1pm – Anderson choir rm

For ANY 2024 Anderson choir student who wants to learn more about All-State.

June 1 – Graduation – Burger Sta. – ALL choir members –We are singing with the band

5. Choir Banquet – Sunday, May 7 – 7pm

This is a wonderful celebration of the entire choir year at Anderson. It will be held once again at the DoubleTree Arboretum Hotel. I look forward to seeing the 140 students and parents who purchased tickets to join us!

Address: DoubleTree Hotel

8901 Business Park Dr

Austin, TX 78759

6. Spring Concert/Senior Celebration – Thursday, May 11 – 7pm – Anderson PAC

Our final concert of the year is next week! ALL choir students are required to attend the entire concert. All choirs will perform. Toward the end of the concert, we’ll honor our seniors. The concert will end with a combined choir song. Afterward, everyone in attendance is invited to the choir room for refreshments. Students will wear their formal uniforms for this concert!

7. Uniform turn in – May 18 or May 19

After the May 11 concert, all choir students are asked to clean their uniform prior to checking it in for the summer. Turn in dates are May 18 or May 19 in choir room.

8:30-9:05am or 4:35-5pm Either day

Dresses: You may machine wash your dress in cold water/gentle cycle. Hang dry!

Dry cleaning is not necessary.

Tuxedos: Your tux jacket and pants must be dry cleaned.

Your tie and vest only need to be cleaned if they are dirty.

Your shirt can be machine washed.

**If you are unable to get your items cleaned, please let us know when you turn

them in. This will help us prevent problems that can occur when dirty uniforms are

stored for the summer. Thank you!**

ALL: Please notify us of any problems such as broken zippers, torn hems etc. Any items damaged beyond easy repair and lost items will need to be paid for by the family.

8. Anderson Voice Recitals – May 20 - 11pm or 1pm – Covenant United Methodist Church

9. Anderson Baccalaureate – May 20 – 3pm – Westover Church

Madrigals will perform. They will wear dressy clothes or their cap and gown, not their formal uniform, for this event.

10. AISD Has Talent Trustee Event – 6pm – AISD PAC – Madrigals sing

11. TSSEC – Texas State Solo & Ensemble Competition – Saturday, May 27 – Weiss H.S.

The schedule is up in the choir room as well as below of when each student will compete. It will be the student’s responsibility to get to and from this event. We ask that they arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time slot. All Anderson choir student vocal solos are competing this year at Weiss High School in Pflugerville (WHS). Piano solos will be in the U.T. Music Building (UT MRH).

A few students have not paid the $20 entry fee for this contest. I will send a separate email requesting payment.

Times are available in the choir room on the white board.

All Anderson piano and vocal students are competing on May 27.

9:40 am - Piano Solo Liahkova, Anna (10) UT Piano Room 3 T Woolsey

10:00am - Piano Solo Nguyen, Thomas (10) UT Piano Room 3 T Woolsey

1:48pm - Vocal Solos Campbell, Emilie (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

2:00pm - Vocal Solos Christie, Stella (10) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

2:12pm - Vocal Solos Geld, Meaghan (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

2:18pm - Treble Small Ensemble Brenner, Emi (10) Kornblith, Lana (10) Steinhauser,

Lily (10) Torgerson, Gracie (10) WHS WHS Ens. 1 D Brumley

2:24pm - Vocal Solos Gilliam, Ava (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

2:36pm - Vocal Solos Hodges, James (11) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

2:48pm – Vocal Solos Padden, Orion (11) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

3:00pm - Vocal Solos Stephens, Caroline (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

3:12pm - Vocal Solos Thaw, Sofia (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

3:24pm - Vocal Solos Thornhill, Will (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

3:36pm - Vocal Solos Tomkins, Josephine (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

3:48pm - Vocal Solos Tyler, Sheppard (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

4:00pm - Vocal Solos Ford, Grace (12) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

4:12pm - Vocal Solos Steinhauser, Lily (10) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

4:24pm - Vocal Solos Torgerson, Gracie (10) WHS WHS Room 15 M Vasquez

5:18pm - Vocal Solos Dever Matthews, Sophia (11) WHS WHS Room 8 D Bubeck

12. 2nd Annual Anderson All-State Mini-Clinic – May 31 - 11am-1pm – Anderson choir room

This is for ANY 2024 Anderson choir student who wants to learn more about All-State.

13. Graduation June 1 – 10am – Burger Stadium!

All choir students sing at graduation this year! We are singing a wonderful piece with our high school band. We do NOT wear our formal uniforms for graduation, but rather wear nice dressy clothes (ie: dresses, skirts with nice shirt, dress slacks with button down shirt). Seniors traditionally have stood in the front of the choir section during the beginning of the program and the choir’s performance. I need more information from the district as to some of the logistics of this event. I will pass along as soon as I have more information.

14. Lettering in Choir

I had students fill out their point sheets and will be announcing recipients of Choir letters at the Choir Banquet. Students selected will have a fitting day sometime before the end of the school year.

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