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Join AHS Choir Booster Club!!

The Anderson High School Choir Booster Club helps build a sense of community among all choir students. 
What do the Boosters do? We host, coordinate, organize and support all kinds of events. Events have been modified over the past year but we hope to get back to hosting our regular activities during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Beginning of the year BIG meeting
  • Fall Retreat 
  • Halloween Party 
  • Caroling and Food Drive followed by a Winter Party 
  • Skating with Murchison Middle School choristers 
  • Pre-concert pizza/dinner for choristers 
  • Hospitality for TMEA visiting directors 
  • Chaperoning at All-State/Region auditions 
  • Hosting the end-of-year choir banquet, and 
  • Procuring commemorative programs for seniors.
It is only through your generous donations of membership, time, talent and resources that the Boosters are able to do so much. We welcome all families to join in supporting the AHS Choirs. Membership starts at $25.  See below for more information
We are also grateful for Business Sponsorships. If you would like more information click (here).
Through your targeted donations, we are also able to provide voice lesson scholarships and Fair Share assistance for students on a need-based level.
All of these events wouldn’t happen without community support, and we thank you for your donations and volunteerism.
Becoming a member is easy. Choose your level of membership, and click to add to your cart.
1.      $25 Applause Membership: Our basic membership which grants you Booster Club voting privileges.
2.       $50 Chorus Level Membership: voting privilege, recognition in the choir website and in every performance program.
3.       $100 Ensemble Level Membership: Chorus level benefits + 50 extra dollars to help fund all these events for the choir students!
4.       $250 Soloist Level Membership: Ensemble benefits + 4 reserved seats for all concerts.
5.       $500 Virtuoso Level Membership: Same as Soloist plus name recognition on stage proscenium (screen) at concerts.
6.       $1,000 Conductor Level Membership: Same as Soloist plus name recognition on stage proscenium (screen) at concerts.
Questions? Please contact Katherine Hodges, President, at


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