Directors notes: may 2020

Director Notes for May 2020 vol 2

1. Uniform turn in – Friday, May 15 – 11:30am-1pm or 6-7:30pm

Only current SENIORS and non-returning students need to turn uniforms in this year.

We have 31 seniors who need to turn it in. See earlier email for details of what to do.

2. Choir assignments in BLEND

We have several students (41) who have not been doing the choir assignments given in BLEND. We have had two each week. This is unacceptable. We will work with students on time and not grade down for turning in late assignments and will always work with individual situations. However, choir assignments must be completed. We are keeping track of all assignments and growth. If a student is not doing the assignments or not putting effort into the assignments, the following may take place:

- Remediation will have to happen in the fall when we return as an INCOMPLETE may be given for the final 10 week grading period.

- Consideration of student participation may impact placements for the upcoming year.

3. Choir placements!

2020-2021 placements were an assignment LAST week. ALL 9th, 10th and 11th grade students need to do the assignment whether or not they plan to be in choir next year. 37 current students have NOT completed this assignment. Students must participate in placements if they want to be considered for upper level choirs. This combined with what we’ve seen and heard on a daily basis in class will determine the best placement for each student in next year’s choirs. Doing or not doing the placement assignment WILL impact what choir students are placed in.

4. Choir Officers in the Choir Council

TODAY is the last day for students to email us telling of their interest in being a choir officer in the choir council for the upcoming year. This year one on one interviews will be the main decision maker of who our new officers will be. This will be done via Zoom meetings. Current sophomores and juniors may apply.

5. Want your choir folder?

If you want your choir folder to keep, you must let me know by Friday morning at 8am. We will pull it and have it available for pick up between 11:30am-1pm and 6-7:30pm that day where we are collecting uniforms. If we don’t hear from you, it will be recycled. After Friday, we will not be able to enter the building until it reopens in the fall.


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Directors notes: may 2020

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