Directors notes: may 2020

1. Weekly Zoom meetings – our attendance has gone down, but we love seeing our students at these weekly gatherings. Please join us if you can.

2. Uniform turn in – May 8 or May 15 – specific time frames will be communicated Monday

Only current SENIORS and non-returning students need to turn uniforms in this year.

We will send out a separate email explaining how and when this will be done. We had to move the dates up because all AISD schools need to be cleaned and shut down to the public after May 15.

Girls: You may machine wash your dress in cold water/gentle cycle. Hang dry!

Dry cleaning is not necessary.

Boys: Your tux jacket and pants must be dry cleaned.

Your tie and vest only need to be cleaned if they are dirty.

Your shirt can be machine washed.

**If unable to get your items dry cleaned, please mark clearly on the bag when you

turn in all of your items that they are dirty. Thanks.**

ALL: Please also notify us of any problems such as broken zippers, torn hems etc. Any items

damaged beyond easy repair and lost items will need to be paid for by the family.

3. Choir placements!

2020-2021 placements were an assignment this week. Students must participate in placements if they want to be considered for upper level choirs. This combined with what we’ve seen and heard on a daily basis in class will determine the best placement for each student in next year’s choirs.

Also students, help spread the word to students who are currently not in choir but are joining us next year – they can participate in placements as well! They will need to email us for direction.

4. All-State Music for next year!

The music selections for next year will be announced on June 1 this year. We will let you know about ordering music packets etc as soon as we have information to share.

5. Auditions for Madrigal Singers and Chamber Choir

We have pushed these auditions to late May or summer as we would like to do them in person if possible. However, we will do them online if necessary. More info later.

6. Voice lessons

Interested in starting voice lessons over the summer? Contact us. Our voice faculty are ready.

7. Lettering in Choir

We will send out a google form to collect student points toward letters in choir this year. Once we’ve collected and verified the information, we will notify those earning a letter. Fittings for jackets will have to be sometime in the summer this year.

8. Choir Officers in the Choir Council

Students need to email Mr. B. by Friday, May 8 expressing their interest in being an officer in the choir council for the upcoming year. This year one on one interviews will be the main decision maker of who our new officers will be. This will be done via Zoom meetings. Current sophomores and juniors may apply.

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