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Directors notes: march 2020

The next two weeks are BUSY! This past week in particular has been full of hard working students putting a lot of effort into the selections they are working on. I’m really pleased with the progress and excited to help you all take your music to the next level over the next 2 weeks!

1. Solo and Ensemble Results!

Congratulations to all of our students who competed in the U.I.L. Region Solo & Ensemble Contest this past weekend! We are proud of all of you! A separate email went out on last week showing the results of our students. We have 25 vocal solos and 2 piano solos eligible for State.

2. Chamber Choir “A Night of Chamber Music”

with 4 other area high schools – Tuesday, March 3 - 6:30pm

Our zero hour choir students will sing a concert at Hope Presbyterian Church as a sharing concert for their upcoming competition. This is a free concert and open to the public. Anderson will be singing first on the concert.

3. Chorale sings at St Matthew’s Noon Concert Series – Thursday, March 5 – 12pm

This relationship has been going for years and we love singing in the space. This is a short 25 minute concert. If you’re available, feel free to come to St Matthews and join us.

4. Choir Pre-UIL Concert – Thursday, March 5 - 7pm – Anderson theater

This 1-hour 45 minute concert is REQUIRED for ALL choir students as it is part of our curriculum. ALL students will be participating this year as the NO PASS, NO PLAY rule no longer applies to this evaluation. All students are required to stay for the entire concert to support each other.

5. Chamber Choir competes at Madrigal & Chamber Festival Saturday – University United Methodist Church in San Antonio, TX – 1:45pm

These 20 students will be competing against some of the top choirs in the state!

6. Choir UIL Evaluation– Hays PAC – Thursday, March 12 & Friday, March 13

UIL large group evaluation is early again this year! The students have been working hard in preparation for this event. Times went out earlier in an email. I have requested when I would like buses to take us, but have not received confirmation from our Fine Arts office. A detailed email will go out soon.

Thursday, March 12: 3rd period Tenor-Bass Choir and 5th period Treble Choir compete

Friday, March 13 – 1st period Varsity Treble, 2nd period Varsity Treble, 7th period Varsity

Tenor-Bass Choir, 7th period Varsity Treble and 7th period Varsity Mixed compete

7. Looking ahead - Choir Banquet – Friday, MAY 15 We want you all already thinking about our choir banquet. This is a celebration of everything we’ve done throughout the year and we want every student and many parents to attend. This year, our banquet will be at the DoubleTree Hotel just up the street. The choir banquet will be held 7-10pm on May 15. More details will come soon.

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