Directors Notes: Final 2019-2020

Updated: Jan 3

Hello choir family!

This is the last email to this distribution.

Please read this entire email.

Director Notes for End of Year 2019-2020 1. Memento and Medal Hand Out – Saturday, May 30 – 11am-1:30pm THIS IS FOR ALL CURRENT CHOIR MEMBERS! This is our opportunity to hand out memento programs. They look beautiful! It is also a chance for us to hand out patches and medals to some of our students. Finally, this will be a chance for us to see our students one last time for the year. Address & directions for pick up: 6203 Shadow Mountain Drive (Please see attached map for directions of which way to drive. I sent it in two different formats.) 2.  Five Special links: 1 Senior Slideshow: 2 Senior Well Wishes from Mr. B - usually done at the end of Senior Celebration: 3 We are so excited to share a Virtual Choir performance by some of our seniors!  They sent in videos from home that were put together to create something special.  We couldn't sing together in the theater like we had hoped, but music will go on.  Thanks for being a part of this!

Seniors, we will miss you!

4 AISD put together a Virtual Choir made up of students from throughout the district.  We are excited that one of our own participated!  Thank you Emily Mazar for adding your voice to this project!  Here it is for everyone to see: 5 Mrs Phillips put together a collection of all the Choir Memes that were sent in by students as an assignment in BLEND.  Have fun checking out the creativity of your classmates:

May you ALL have a wonderful and safe summer ahead!

Mr. B and Mrs. Phillips

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