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Directors notes: april 2020 part 2

Important information for Choir online learning!

1 EVERY Monday and Tuesday we would like to meet with our classes via Zoom

Please try to be in attendance at your scheduled class and email us if you are unable to.

10am – Monday – 1st period

11am – Monday – 2nd period

1pm – Monday – 3rd period

!0am – Tuesday – 5th period

1pm – Tuesday – 7th period

Some of these may be lessons. Some may be more of a check-in.

None will last longer than 45 minutes. We want to see you!

2 Additionally, we will provide lessons each week via BLEND to provide continuous learning

If you have not already accepted your invite to your choir class, you MUST do this ASAP!

There WILL be a recording element to some of these assignments. Yes, you will need to record

yourself and turn it in. We will not do these as part of discussions so no one but us will hear.

This will include:

Sight reading via Smart Music (see below for more info).

Theory via (see below for more info).

Some creative projects & assignments – intended to make you think but be fun.

Some shared discussion items/videos/music examples.

Later this month, we WILL be doing placements through BLEND.

This will consist of a singing component as well as a sight reading component.

The scores earned will be combined with an evaluation of the student’s class

participation and growth throughout the year as well as their grades to

determine the best choir for each student to be placed.

Auditions for Chamber Choir & Madrigal Singers will happen at a later time.

With the uncertainty of the situation, we may do this in May or even summer.

Temperature Check

This is every student’s first ‘assignment’. A day classes need to complete it by Monday night and B day classes need to complete it by Tuesday night. When you have completed the assignment, please type the word DONE and submit it in BLEND.


This is a program that has temporarily been offered to schools for free. We are going to use it for the sight reading portion of our class. It is quite user friendly. However, Mrs Phillips is providing a tutorial video as well as a short word document explaining how you will do this portion of assignments. Please look in the ‘Smart Music’ module resource portion of your choir BLEND course page. Please note that access to this will not be available until Monday morning, so you will not be able to see the ‘Week 1 Assignments’ module yet. Don’t panic when you don’t see it.

We used this program in class this year. You are now going to have a few assignments using this website. A tutorial has been provided via images. To access this, go to your course page, and click on ‘Week 1 Assignments’ then ‘Music Theory - Note ID-ing’. Please note that access to this will not be available until Monday morning, so you will not be able to see the ‘Week 1 Assignments’ module yet. Don’t panic when you don’t see it.

Office Hours for choir

Every Wednesday from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm

Every Thursday from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm

Every Friday from 11am-1pm

These are hours that are available for students and/or parents to ask questions or get tutorials

in choir. We will respond to emails, can communicate through BLEND and can potentially meet

via Zoom if desired. With that said, there is no need to sign up for a time slot in BLEND unless

you need dedicated time with us. We will continue to respond to emails as we have all year.

We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Seniors – MUST DO ASAP!

1 Send me pictures for the senior slide show and program.

Please send the highest quality you can.

1. Formal head shot for program (It doesn’t need to be formal, but close up).

2. Baby picture for slide show

3. Current senior picture (can be same as head shot) for slide show

This can be a full body picture, but should be of only the senior.

2 Seniors will be writing blurbs for program and slide show as well.

I will send out more details directly to the seniors about this.

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