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Directors notes: april 2020 part 1

1. Fine Arts Spring Trip with Choir, Band & Orchestra is CANCELLED!

Six Flags is closed until at least mid-May. Austin ISD is currently working online only until May 4. As a result, our scheduled trip to Six Flags is cancelled. We will be issuing refunds, but will not know the exact amount or when these refunds will be able to be sent for some time. The hotel, that was paid for, is currently closed. The bus company the we reserved and made a 50% deposit is closed. The Hard Rock is giving us a 100% refund, but isn’t allowed to go into their office at this time to write the check to us. I will stay on this and will let everyone know specifics as soon as I know them. Please be patient. HOWEVER, if your family paid for this trip and are in a situation where that refund is needed immediately please email me and we’ll work something out.

2. Congratulations to our choirs!

Chamber choir competed in the Madrigal & Chamber Festival – received Superior ratings and was selected as a ‘Performance of Distinction’

Two of our seven choirs competed in U.I.L. large group competition:

3rd period Tenor/Bass Choir – Received Superior Ratings in Sight Reading

5th period Treble Choir – Received Superior Ratings in Sight Reading

3. Choir Placements for 2020-2021

We will be doing our placements for next year’s choirs in April. This evaluation will be a little different this year. We will send details in advance to every returning student. This is then combined with an evaluation of the student’s class participation and growth throughout the year as well as their grades to determine the best place for each student to be placed.

4. Choir Auditions for Chamber Choir & Madrigal Singers

Any current 9th, 10th or 11th grade choir student may audition to be in these choirs. Auditions information will go out later in April.

5. Choir Council (student officers)

Students: Be thinking if this is a position of leadership that you are interested in. Applications will be available soon.

6. Seniors – MUST DO ASAP!

1. Send me pictures for the senior slide show and program. Please send the highest quality you can.

1. Formal head shot for program

2. Baby picture for slide show

3. Current senior picture (can be same as head shot) for slide show

2. Seniors will be writing blurbs for program and slide show as well.

Below is copied from the email I sent out a few weeks ago, but I thought worth sending again:

A few suggestions.


2 - EXERCISE - go on a walk/jog in your neighborhood, find an online workout or yoga video - you'll feel better.

3 - ASK questions and get facts. Don't believe everything you hear.

4 - TALK - with friends, family, teachers etc. We need outlets and conversation.

5 - LEARN about what's happening in the world, but don't watch 24/7 - you need a break!

6 - EAT - if possible, try to eat healthy foods - you'll feel better.

7 - SING - to yourself, out loud, in a car, in your room. Just sing.

We can/will get through this. As the Beatles originally sang and we just did at Follies, "With a Little Help From My Friends". Let's support each other as we move forward.

Hoping you and your family are well. Thinking of you all. Take care.

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