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Directors Notes: November 2020

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Wow, this year is flying!

1. Congrats!

9 Anderson Choir students that competed in the first round of All-State Auditions were selected for the TMEA Region choir. They will compete in the second round at the end of November.

The Anderson Region Choir students are: Jamie Antonacci, Delaney Glosser, Kelley McClure, Naomi Morrison, Kara Moy, Miles Nguyen, Isabella Rodriguez, Sofia Thaw & Sheppard Tyler

2. Thanks!

Thank you parents that helped with T-shirt and mask distribution. You were a huge help!

3. FOLLIES – Early 2000s – Save the Date – November 12 at 7pm.

We’ve collected almost all student recordings and are now in the editing phase. The concert will be released as a Youtube video on November 12 at 7pm. Watch it at your leisure.

4. Black screens during class

Earlier in the year, we sent out our Zoom expectations and have encouraged students to on camera for class as much as possible. We understand that there may be some unique situations, but so much of what we do is visual. Unfortunately, we are experiencing more students off camera than on. This makes are job much more difficult. Please encourage your student to join us ON CAMERA for choir class. Thank you and thank you to the few students who have been on camera with us almost every class period. We appreciate it.

5. New weekly Anderson choir PIKS on Instagram

We have decided to add a fun new aspect to our social media. Every Monday, we will be posting a new PIKS. It stands for Peace, Inspiration, Kindness and Serotonin. We hope they’ll make you smile, make you think or just provide a needed break. Parents and students are encouraged to follow our page. Here is the first one we posted yesterday:

6. Ways to connect to Anderson Choir:


This is a one-way mass text messaging service that we use to communicate reminders to the students. Parents are welcome to sign up as well. Each class has a specific text in order to receive that class’s information. Students cannot respond to the text and neither individual’s phone number is shown.

If you choose to participate, standard text messaging costs apply. Messages will show up as Mr. Beussman: “message”

When you sign up for the first time, you will receive a text asking for your birthdate (we can’t text students younger than 13) and your name to populate the class. Please use your first and last name. Once done, you’re done. If you already use Remind for another

class, you will just be added to the appropriate choir class as well. Many students did this in class over the past two days. Parents are welcome to also sign up for their student’s class.

If you have trouble signing up, try going to the website

and download the app or choose to receive the texts via email.

Below is the easy way to sign up. Students should know which class to sign up for. However, if they do the wrong class, I am able to move them. Please use your first and last name when signing up:

1st period – Voces Excelsis: Treble Choir

Text @belcanto6 to the following #: 81010

2nd period – Bella Voce - Treble Choir:

text @varsitywo to the following #: 81010

3rd period – Concert Choir - Tenor/Bass Choir:

text @3men to the following #: 81010

5th period – Nova Voce - Treble Choir:

text @5freshmen to the following #: 81010

7th period - Chorale: Mixed Choir:

text @2chorale to the following #: 81010

Zero hour – before school – Madrigal Singers:

text @madsingers to the following #: 81010

Other ways to be connected!

Volunteer to help, calendar, music, pictures, forms, general info, links etc.

available in one place.

Calendar events and pictures.

Instagram: @Andersonchoir

Follow and see pics from throughout the school year.

NEW – now enjoy our weekly PIKS as described above.

Blend – we will be using Blend for several assignments this year. Students will also use the

links on our Blend homepage to access their Remote Learning classes throughout the week.

7. Paying fair share fees is available ONLINE! Ideal due date was Oct. 5. Please pay this fall.

Please go to and click the MORE tab.

Most credit cards and Paypal accepted):

Fair Share Fees (student T-shirt & Mask was included in this fee) - $50

Join the Boosters at a chosen level of support

Pay for Solo & Ensemble fees if desired – this must be paid by Jan 8

Support another choir student with an optional donation

8. Voice lessons – you can still sign up if interested!

If your student is interested in taking voice lessons this year, please fill out the attached form, scan it or take a picture of the second page and return the via email to Mr. B! Many students have already started. We have teachers available for one-on-one lessons. The private teachers are available during choir classes as well as before or after school to work with our students. ALL lessons this fall will be taught virtually. The voice teachers have been doing this since April. This allows the student and family to make it work in their schedule. Lessons can really help students accelerate their vocal development as well as give specific attention to an individual’s music learning needs and voice concerns. Most of our students who excel at the individual competitions take private lessons. We highly encourage your child to take lessons particularly if they are participating in the All-State audition process and for solo/ensemble contest. There’s still room for several more. If you’re interested in taking voice lessons, sign up ASAP! The first students to return the forms will be the first ones scheduled.

9. Winter Concert – Dec 10 – We will send out details as we get closer and have more answers.

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