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Director Notes for January 2023

1. Area auditions were on January 7! I want to congratulate James Hodges for representing Anderson in this final round of TMEA All-State Auditions!

2. Choir Banquet – will be May 7

This celebration of our year is for ALL current choir students and their parents. It will be at the DoubleTree Hotel just up the street from Anderson. More details will come later in the

semester, but please plan to attend this event!

3. Our school musical, ‘The Pajama Game’ is Solo & Ensemble Contest – Feb 4 – Hays H.S. CISD:

Today was the deadline for entry in this contest! Every student entered needs to pay or have paid the $10 entry fee. I will confirm payments and speak with individuals who still need to pay. Students must be memorized for this contest! More details will be sent out to those competing later. Students will also be responsible for paying an accompanist for competition. I will confirm the amount and it will be due by Jan. 27.

4. Solos being sung for Mr. B – week of Jan 30-Feb 3

ALL students not competing on February 4 are required to sing their solo from memory for Mr. Beussman during the week of Jan30-Feb 3.

5. Eligibility:

The 9 weeks grading period before break determines eligibility for Solo & Ensemble Contest. If a student failed any class last 9 weeks, they will need to be passing All classes at progress report time to regain eligibility.

6. Uniform problems:

If your student has any problems with their uniform: pants too short, seam has come out, dress is too short or too tight etc. Please send it to school with your student this week so that we have time to help fix it.

7. Spring Trip

Everything is moving forward with our New York Trip! Please make sure that you are up-to-date on payments as we are in the final stages of preparation. This week, we need to sign up for roommates based on the people attending AND what grouping they paid for (Quad, Triple, Double, or Single). Please see below for a breakdown. A list will also be in the choir room. Please have your student come with their planned roommates to sign up.

They can also sign up their parent chaperones as long as discussions have been had. Please contact me with questions or concerns.

Students paid for QUAD:

Female: Male:

Olivia Alvarado Andres Brooks

Sofia Arteaga Cade Cummins

Cadence Carpenter James Hodges

Sophia Dever Matthews Christian Lopez

Sara Dolezal Marco Martz

Grace Ford Orion Padden

Simone Frey Will Schultz

Ava Gilliam Trey Snavely

Lana Kornblith Stick Spann

Tracy Luong Will Thornhill

Vicky Maggi Ronan Woodruff

Alexa Martinez Weldon Wright

Jillian Moss

Ruby Mullen

Lizette Ponce

Siona Singh

Sofia Thaw

Josephine Tomkins

Gracie Torgerson

Sara Watts

Mars Wool

Adults paid for QUAD:

Female: Male:

Kara Arteaga Ranulfo Ponce

Venus Dever

Katherine Hodges

Students paid for Triple:

Female: Male:

Nicole Scott NONE

Adults paid for Triple:

Female: Male:


Students paid for Double:

Female: Male:

Emi Brenner Jeff Heath

Stella Christie

Clare Taylor

Adults paid for Double:

Female: Male:

Jessica Camera NONE

Shannon Taylor

Students paid for Single:

Female: Male:

Ashley Grimaldo NONE

Adults paid for Single:

Female: Male:

Corinne Martinez David Beussman – Director

Robin Spencer - Principal

8. Fair Share Fees:

Unfortunately, we still have families that have not paid their choir fair share fee as of this

writing.  You can do this online at under the MORE tab.  Please pay this by the end of January. I will send out individual emails in the next week or two to those that this applies to. Thank you to those of you who paid in the fall.

9. Spring Calendar for choir

An up-to-date spring calendar is attached!

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