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Directors notes: end of 2019

Director’s Notes for End of 2019 and January 2020 preview

1. Thank you!

Mrs. Phillips and I want to thank you all for your generous gifts to us! It is our pleasure to work with your children throughout the year. We want each of them to know that we love making music with them and want each student to feel like they are growing both as a musician and a member of this choir program. In the new year, we will continue to do our best to make a safe environment where the students improve their skills and work together to make something bigger than themselves.

We really appreciate the extra hours some of our students spent caroling and singing at a variety of events this season!

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered for a number of events this month. You helped everything run so smoothly. Your time and efforts are what allow us to give a great experience to our students. A special thank you to the Tyler family for opening their home for our Choir Holiday Party. You are always so kind and giving to our program. We appreciate you!

2. Winter Concert Video

Click on the link below to see our Winter Concert!

3. We’re proud of you!

We have 12 Anderson choir students competing in the final round of All-State auditions at the beginning of January. Lauren Ault, Jamie Antonacci, Tristan Dull, Anabelle Gilliam, Rylee Grady, Sarah Helmbrecht, Daehan Jung, Kara Moy, Miles Nguyen, Noah Randall, Allison Tamburrano & Natalia Thomas qualified to compete on Saturday, January 12. Kelley McClure and Max Stainhauser are alternates that may be called up to compete as well.

Kyra Ely and Kara Moy have been selected to sing in one of the Honor Choirs at Southwest ACDA in Little Rock, AR at the beginning of March.

4. Solo & Ensemble Contest:

Students must select, confirm, and pay entry fees by January 10!

This is a hard deadline. I can’t enter you late!

While students who take lessons should do this, the contest is open to students

who do not take lessons as well.

We will talk about this in class after we get back from break.

Entry fee = $10 per entry per person

Some families paid this already at Everything Night.

Competition is February 22 at McCallum H.S.

Accompanist fees for this contest will be due by February 7. Last year, this

was $40. We will do our best to get the best possible rate.

More details after break.

5. Eligibility:

The upcoming 6 weeks grading period (4th) will determine eligibility for Solo & Ensemble Contest.

6. Guys & Dolls:

Our school musical is being presented on January 23, 24, 25 and 26. Put at least one of these dates on your calendar to see this fun show!


This is a combined event with the Murchison choirs to have a few hours of fun at Playland Skate Center. This year, we’ll have this event on January 13 from 6:30-8:30pm. It costs $6 per person. We’d love to see most of our choir students present to start building relationships with our main feeder program!

8. Uniform problems:

If your student has any problems with their uniform: pants too short, seam has come out, dress is too short or too tight etc. Please send it to school with your student at the beginning of January so that we have time to help fix it.

9. Fair Share Fees:

Unfortunately, we still have families that have not paid their choir fair share fee. Please pay this by the end of January. I will send out individual emails at the beginning of January.

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