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Directors Notes: september 2019

Directors’ Notes for September 2019

1. Thanks to everyone who has taken care of turning forms in and making payments on time. We would like ALL student fair share fees, Booster memberships and orders turned in by the end of this week.

Also, a huge thank you also to the parents who have given their time to help the choir already this year. We had volunteers help at the Pool Party and Everything Night. Thank you for helping make these events run smoothly! Your time and talents are so appreciated! Please remember: Most volunteer opportunities are only a few hours of time. We want to have more of our parents involved. Please consider volunteering some of your time to help us with any of the many activities we have planned for the school year and thank you in advance!

2. Choir Retreat – THIS SATURDAY

The choir retreat is for ALL current choir students and is from 2-10pm on Saturday, September 7. This is one of the most fun activities we do during the year. There are many games and activities for the students to participate in as well as a lot of food! Students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with students from all of the choirs, hear from our choir seniors and have a lot of fun! We really want 100% participation in this event! A separate email has gone out to ask for some donations to this event.

3. Voice lessons

Voice lessons are available for any of our students interested. Lessons typically occur during class. Lessons cost $25/lesson and occur once/week. If you are interested in more information, please get details from Mrs. Phillips.

4. All-State audition information!

Any student planning to audition needs to fill out the attached form by September 23

There is a $25 one time entry fee for the All-State audition process.

Many people paid this at Everything Night. If not, it needs to be paid by the above date.

We will post a list of who’s paid in the choir room.

The first round of competition is Saturday, October 12 at Bowie H.S.

Region Clinic – Friday, November 8 – 10am-1:30pm at AISD PAC

Region Clinic & Concert – Saturday, November 9 – 8am – 5pm; Concert at 5pm

Pre-Area – 2nd round of competition is Tuesday, November 12 at Anderson H.S.

Area – 3rd and final round of competition is Saturday, January 11 at Reagan H.S. in S.A.

See other attachment for details.

All recordings are available on our choir website:

Click on the All-State tab

Password: fireant

You may listen or download individual voice parts as well as the piano accompaniments.

The accompaniment only tracks are what the students will audition with. If this does

not work, we can burn CD’s for students who need them.

5. Southwest ACDA

Any student interested in auditioning for the Southwest ACDA Honor Choir, please get information from Mr. B or Mrs. Phillips this week. We have to know if you are planning to audition so we can set up a time to record you. The deadline for submitted an audition mp3 is October 1. The audition happens in our choir room, so most of the pressure is off. All expenses related to this audition and to the convention if the student is selected are the family’s responsibility. SWACDA is in Little Rock, AR March 4-7, 2020.

6. Formal Uniforms

Uniforms are starting to be sent home with the students. Mrs. Phillips is revamping the system of uniform assignments a bit, so this will happen in stages during September. Please try on your dress or tux at home once it’s issued. If you have any issues, please contact us immediately.

7. Spring Trip – April 24-25, 2020

See attached.

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