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Directors Notes... november 2018

1. Congrats!

22 Anderson Choir students that competed in the first round of All-State Auditions will sing

in the TMEA Region choir tomorrow, November 3 at 5pm at the AISD PAC.

All 22 of these students will compete in the next round of All-State auditions on November 13.

2. Thanks!

Stewart family – for opening up your home to us for our Halloween party – it was so fun!

Chaperones – for several events already – thank you so much! We can’t do it without you!

Parent helpers backstage during Follies and during the rehearsal – Thank you for giving you time

to help backstage run smoothly. We really appreciate your help!

Mrs. Monfort – for driving to the Renaissance Festival with us!

3. Choir events happening or coming up quickly:

Nov. 13 – Madrigals performance at Davis Elem.

Nov. 13 – Pre-Area Auditions at Anderson – students who made this round of auditions

We NEED volunteers to assist with this event (see below).

Dec. 6 – St Matthews Advent Series Noon Concert – Chorale & Madrigals

Dec. 6 – Murchison Winter Choir Concert – Chamber sings on this concert – time TBD

Location: Northwest Hills Church

Dec. 13 – Rehearsal and Winter Concert Performance – Westover Church

Details coming soon

Concert with Murchison Choirs: 7pm

Dec. 14 - Choir Caroling in the Neighborhood and Winter Choir Party

– All students who volunteer. 6-9 caroling, then treats/socializing until 10:30pm


Dec. 15 – Natural Bridge Caverns performance – Madrigals – afternoon/evening

4. Madrigals performed at the Renaissance Festival earlier this week. They sang beautifully and had a lot of fun at both RenFest and Blue Bell on the way home!

5. Fair Share Fees – we still have many students (over 40) who have not paid their fair share fees in whole or made an installment. $75 total ($40 is required uniform rental fee, $35 is suggested supply fee). Please do so. Thanks. I will send individual emails this week.

6. Pre-Area Auditions – at ANDERSON – Tuesday, November 13

A volunteer spot has been sent out about this.

We need both parent and student to volunteer to help us with this event.

1 This includes parents to monitor 8 rooms while the students wait to go through two

rounds of auditions. This is a very easy job as the students are quite focused on wanting


2 We also need families to sign up to bring a soup for our judge’s meal. This may be dropped off in a crock pot at any point prior to 4:45pm.

3 Finally, we need students to volunteer as runners and door monitors for this event.

A signup sheet for students is in the choir room.

Go to​ to help us out. Thank you in advance!

6. Winter Concert – Required rehearsal and concert – Students wear formal uniforms for this concert.

Please make sure that students have appropriate black dress shoes to wear with their uniform

for this and all other concerts throughout the year.

Boys: black dress shoes and black socks – NOT tennis shoes

Girls: black closed toe flats or maximum 2 inch heal pump.

Please don’t spend a lot of money on shoes if your student is not going to wear them often.

Good reasonable cost choices: Payless, DSW, Target and Walmart!

Dec. 13 – Thursday – details to come

Group choir pictures taken on stage before the concert!

Some of the Murchison M.S. choirs will be joining us on this concert.

7pm – performance

7. Fund raiser – tumblers

Students who sold items in our first fund raiser. Your profits have been allocated to your accounts to be used toward fair share fees and/or trip expenses. The fund raiser items should arrive the middle of next week. We will send out the exact date as soon as we have it.


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